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At Saltare, our mission is to change the world of payments, and this starts with doing things differently. Introducing our first product – Early Pay. A groundbreaking tech-driven solution that will transform the way payments are made and received.

We improve the flow of cash to the entire supply chain in a way that works for everyone.

Fast. Intuitive.

Introducing Early Pay. A unique payment solution that boosts your business, supports your suppliers, and transforms the entire economic landscape.

Early Pay is a quick, simple, convenient way to facilitate payments. Giving you cash incentives to pay early. Giving your suppliers the security of knowing when they will be paid. And helping you provide businesses with the oxygen they need to survive – and thrive.

Using intuitive, mobile-led tech, you can manage your entire supply chain in a way that works for you and your suppliers –giving both parties choice, convenience, and transparency.

For Buyers

We deliver a way to support job creation, investment and social value, while generating financial benefits and operational efficiency.

For Suppliers

We remove the need to chase payments, while giving them the simplest and most convenient way to get paid sooner.

The Challenge

Cash is like oxygen to businesses. Getting paid on time (or, even better, early) can be a lifeline to levelling up and supercharging growth. Unfortunately, right now many small businesses are gasping for air:


is locked up in unpaid invoices


of SMEs are owed money outside of payment terms


of SMEs are failing because of cashflow problems


hours spent per day chasing payments by UK SMEs

Businesses are struggling to find the cashflow to meet basic expenses and make crucial investments, while wasting so much precious time pursuing payments.

We are on a mission to change that.

How it works

It’s really smart and also really simple

Once you’ve approved an invoice, Early Pay will notify your supplier. You can offer to pay early (and benefit from a small discount), and they can accept the offer if they wish to, in just three clicks. There’s no obligation either way, but your suppliers will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly when they’ll be paid.


Approves an invoice for payment


Send notification to supplier with offer of early payment


Accepts offer of early payment


Notifies the buyer to make the payment


Makes the early payment

What’s in it for you?

Boost cash. Reduce costs. Increase profits. Improve efficiency. Enrich data. Optimise your supply chain. All while creating genuine social value.

Financial benefits

Realise early payment discounts and operational efficiencies.

Social value creation

Deliver much-needed cash into the supply chain especially vital to under-served SMEs.

Operational efficiencies

Reduce inbound invoice queries and strengthen your supply chain.

Complete Control

You choose whether a discount is applied, and for what amount.

Supply chain data & analytics

Access a suite of reporting tools via your own buyer platform, or delivered directly into your reporting solutions.

Simple and secure integration

With any ERP or financial management system. We do the heavy lifting to reduce the technical burden on your teams.

What’s in it for
your suppliers?

No more chasing invoices.
No more late payments. No more cashflow headaches.

Improved cashflow

Drives much-needed cash into the supply chain through early payments.

Complete choice

Delivers complete “invoice-by-invoice” choice to the supplier, who selects which payments to accelerate.

Peace of mind

Knowing that invoices will be paid and by when – coupled with the option of an early payment – reduces anxiety and increases supplier wellbeing.

Advanced communications

Simple notifications of approved payments and early payment offers, with 24/7 availability that works to the supplier’s schedule for maximum convenience.

Enhanced efficiency

Reduced time spent chasing payments can be spent on value-adding activities.

Data insights

Readily available insights to support the supplier’s business operations.

Change the way you pay

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