z July 2022 - Saltare

UK based Saltare, the Early Payment FinTech, has appointed its second commercial manager to grow customer base with a primary focus on enrolling larger corporations with extensive and diverse supply chains.

Chris Wilson, a former small business owner and leadership coach, joins Saltare after owning and running several businesses over the course of his career. Chris will bring valuable first-hand experience of managing business cashflow to the Saltare team, ensuring that customers feel supported by a team they can relate to.

This includes a comprehensive understanding of the challenges SMEs face when dealing with larger customers, ensuring Saltare’s tools can help larger corporations understand the benefits paying early can bring to their supply chains.

“Running a business is hard,” he explains. “It’s a 24/7 job and when you’re anxious about when money will arrive in your account it affects everything, from your sleep to the how effectively you can manage your business strategy. Saltare’s mission to bring cash flow certainty will have a significant effect on how larger businesses work with smaller suppliers.

“One of my first objectives will be working with some of the UK’s biggest companies and helping them understand why early payments can improve relationships within wider supply chains.”

Having worked in a range of industries including sales and lead generation, Chris previously specialised in helping businesses of all sizes engage with their customer base and wide supply chains helping them procure, support, and develop leads.

Ant Persse, CEO of Saltare said Chris’ expertise will support its mission to help businesses better engage with their supply chains: “Chris has incredible knowledge as to what it takes to run a small business and more importantly how big business can interact with smaller businesses to encourage stronger partnerships.”

“We’re delighted to have Chris join our team and help us introduce Saltare to a wider network of businesses to help boost supply chain relations and encourage early payments.”

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We often discuss the correlation between late payments and the detrimental impact they have on a business owners mental health.

Chris Wilson discussed this very topic with Phill Holdsworth of AurumGold Limited.

Its a really interesting and enlightening discussion. With Chris Wilson and Phill Holdsworth talking openly about their first hand experiences of having to chase buyers for payment, and the negative impact that had on them and their business.

Go take a listen via any one of these links:

👍 Audioboom link https://lnkd.in/egFYaPSd

👉The Apple Podcasts link is: https://lnkd.in/e2ya8pnf

🟢 The Spotify Podcast link is: https://lnkd.in/enU5pn2n

We recently spoke to Liz Barclay, the current Small Business Commissioner – a post created to help small businesses secure the payments owed to them and to galvanise UK businesses behind a new culture of prompt and fair payment.

During the conversation we discussed the impact of poor payment practices on UK small and micro businesses, and how the uncertainty of payment affects all elements of their enterprise including how they manage their cashflow, make decisions on recruitment & investment and importantly, the mental heath impact.

We also discussed how larger businesses can support small and micro businesses by employing good payment practices. And the benefits that has on creating a sustainable supply chain.