z March 2023 - Saltare

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your business?

A: Sure, I run a small printing company that specialises in creating customised products for businesses and individuals.

Q: What challenges have you faced as a small business owner?

A: One of the biggest challenges has been managing cash flow. It’s tough to balance bills and pay employees while also trying to grow the business. There have been times when I’ve struggled to keep up with demands and invest in new equipment.

Q: Can you tell us about a time when you received support from a customer that made a big difference for your business?

A: Yes, one of my long-time customers, a local marketing agency, offered to pay me upfront for a rush order of custom banners and flyers. This act of kindness and support was just what I needed to get my business back on track. With the cash injection, I was able to pay off my outstanding bills and invest in new equipment.

Q: How did this early payment impact your business?

A: It allowed me to complete the agency’s order on time and to the highest standard. This led to other customers noticing the quality of my work and reliability, and they too began to offer early payments in exchange for faster turnaround times.

Q: How has your business grown since then?

A: It’s grown into a thriving enterprise. My reputation as a dependable and trustworthy printing company spread throughout the community, and I was soon inundated with work from new and existing customers.

Q: What advice would you give to other small business owners who are struggling with cash flow?

A: Don’t be afraid to ask for early payments or support from your customers. It can make a big difference in the growth and success of your business. Alternatively suggest that they use early payment platforms like Saltare. Then you don’t even need to have what sometimes feels like an awkward conversation.

Q: Are there any tools or solutions that you would recommend to other small business owners?

A: Yes, I recently discovered Saltare, an early payment solutions provider. Their platform allows businesses to offer their customers the option to pay early in exchange for a discount or other incentive. This will be a game-changer for my business, as it will help businesses like mine manage cash flow while also providing an added benefit to my customers.

In conclusion, this example of a small business owner’s success story is a testament to the power of community and support in small business. Early payments from customers can make a big difference in the growth and success of a small business. If you’re a small business owner, don’t be afraid to ask for early payments or support from your customers. Additionally, using early payment solutions like Saltare can help you manage cash flow and provide added benefits to your customers.

Talk to Saltare now to see how your organisation can benefit, whilst helping your supply chain. It really is a win win.

Early payment programmes can help buyers and suppliers streamline their operations and reduce administrative burdens. In this blog, we’ll explore how early payments can drive efficiency for both parties, and how Saltare’s early payment platform can automate the early payment process, freeing up time and resources for both parties.

Early payments provide several benefits that drive efficiency for both buyers and suppliers. By offering early payments, buyers can reduce the time and resources required to manage supplier payments or payment queries. Additionally, suppliers can receive payment faster, improving their cash flow and reducing the need to manage overdue invoices.   

With Saltare’s early payment platform, buyers and suppliers can streamline the early payment process. Saltare provides a centralised location for buyers and suppliers to manage their invoices and payments with the simplest communication and reducing the need for chasing (suppliers) or being chased (buyers).  It is estimated that in the UK alone over 900,000 hours per day is spent by SMEs chasing invoices.  This means that their customers are being chased by the same amount of time.

In Conclusion

Early payments provide a range of benefits that can drive efficiency for both buyers and suppliers. By using Saltare’s early payment platform, buyers and suppliers can streamline their processes, reduce inbound activity and focus on their core business operations. More time on value add, more innovation, more growth, more profitability. Why wouldn’t you?

Saltare can help facilitate this.