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As a Senior Executive you’re always looking for ways to improve your bottom line and create a more sustainable and socially responsible organisation. One strategy that can help you achieve both of these goals is early supplier payments. By paying your suppliers early, you can achieve cost savings, improve your reputation, and create social value. And with Saltare, a financial technology platform that facilitates early payments to suppliers, achieving these benefits has never been easier.

Cost Savings

One of the most significant benefits of early supplier payments is cost savings. Many suppliers offer discounts for early payments, which can add up to significant savings for your business over time. By using Saltare to facilitate early payments, you can take advantage of these discounts without having to manage payments manually.

Improved Reputation and Social Value

Early supplier payments can also help to improve your organisation’s reputation and create social value. When you pay your suppliers promptly, they are more likely to view your organization as a reliable and trustworthy partner, which can lead to improved collaboration and more favorable terms in the future. Additionally, early payments can help to support the sustainability of your suppliers’ businesses, contributing to a more sustainable and socially responsible business ecosystem.

Operational Efficiency

In addition to cost savings and improved reputation, early supplier payments can also improve your operational efficiency. By using Saltare to manage your supplier payments, you can simplify your payment processes and reduce the workload associated with managing payments manually. This can help to free up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on other critical areas of your business.

Real-Time Data Insights

Saltare’s platform also offers real-time data insights that can help you make informed decisions about your supplier relationships. By analysing data related to your supplier payments, you can identify areas for improvement, such as suppliers who consistently require early payments or who don’t offer discounts for early payments. This can help you to optimise your supplier relationships and achieve even greater cost savings over time.

Partner with Saltare Today

At Saltare, we’re committed to helping businesses achieve financial, operational, and data benefits while creating social value and enhancing their reputation. We believe that every business deserves the opportunity to see their supply chains benefit, which is why we’re keen to work with any organization that shares our vision. By partnering with Saltare, you can achieve cost savings, improve your reputation, and create social value, all while simplifying your payment processes and optimizing your supplier relationships. Contact us today to learn more about how Saltare can help your business achieve its goals.

Halton Borough Council in North West England has become the first local authority in the UK to adopt a new fintech platform that will allow them to further support their supply chain by paying suppliers early. They will deliver notifications of invoice approvals providing clarity and certainty over payments combined with the option of offering suppliers the choice to get paid sooner.

Using Saltare’s Early Pay platform Halton will make their supply chains more efficient, providing suppliers with certainty as to when their invoices will be paid. As part of an initial agreement, the Council will enrol suppliers onto the platform giving suppliers the option to get paid as soon as an invoice has been approved.

As part of the platform functionality, the Council will also have the option to secure discounts in exchange for early or immediate payment. In return, this will enable the Council to reinvest the savings made into supporting frontline services.

Mervyn Murphy, Head of Procurement of Halton Borough Council says the introduction of Early Pay will help the authority boost its social value within the community, whilst also giving greater autonomy of supply chain relations: “Halton Borough Council recognises the challenges faced by businesses in these difficult times and has always looked for ways to better support them.  We have previously offered early payment solutions in this space, however, Saltare brings something different that complements our other payment options for suppliers. We look forward to providing our suppliers with the opportunity to benefit from Saltare’s Early Pay.”

Ant Persse, CEO of Saltare says that technology has the power to change the way local authorities are able to engage with their communities and supply change: “Early Pay will give Halton the opportunity to further support their supply chain, reducing anxiety faced by many businesses and helping to inject cash into the community at a time when the economy needs it most. We’re looking forward to working with Halton and progressing our partnership.”

Halton will integrate Early Pay within the coming months. Halton suppliers will automatically receive invoice approval notifications and will be given the option of early payment offers, with no obligation to accept, either way. This will provide suppliers with peace of mind in knowing exactly when they’ll be paid, thereby reducing demand placed on the suppliers’ credit control arrangements.

(October 2022) UK Fintech Saltare has secured its first listing on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G Cloud 13 framework under Lot 2: Cloud software category.

By securing the listings on the G-Cloud Framework, Saltare is now eligible to actively supply Public Sector bodies across the country with its market leading early payments software, Early Pay.

The G-Cloud 13  Framework allows cloud based solution providers to register a product listing within strict government frameworks. The process ensures that Public Sector organisations can purchase solutions as and when needed from businesses with approved listings.

As part of the application, Saltares’ Early Pay platform has been approved for use by UK Public Sector  to enable them to boost supply chain relations and improve payment practices across all suppliers.

Ant Persse, CEO of Saltare said the approval of Saltare’s application shows the benefits and significance of early payments: “UK Public Sector work with hundreds of thousands of suppliers across many sectors, and managing this is a mammoth task.

“However, enabling early payments into the supply chains, can not only boost relationships but also encourage local business to develop and grow through the availability of funds. We’re looking forward to working with organisations within the UK’s Public Sector

Crown Commercial Service supports the Public Sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2021/22, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.8bn – supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

The G-Cloud 13 framework will come into effect on 9th November 2022, making it easier for Public Sector organisations to access cloud technology and innovation by pre-qualifying suppliers for quality, stability, security, compliance and pricing factors.

Saltare is delighted to announce it has joined the Good Business Charter (GBC), an accreditation that seeks to raise the bar on business practices for employees, tax, the environment, customers and suppliers.

(September, 2022) Early Payments Fintech, Saltare, has joined the Good Business Charter (GBC) as part of its commitment to best business practices across the UK.


Joining enables Saltare to ensure it not only supports its employees through the Good Business Charter but also encourages its own customers to follow similar practices including paying suppliers promptly.

Chairman of the GBC board, Simon Fox said: “The Good Business Charter brings together 10 standards, most of which already exist, but in separate places. We have brought them together to give a coherent overall position for all businesses to aspire to. We believe that the GBC has enormous potential to change business practice for good. We hope that because of its simplicity and cost effectiveness, it will quickly gain support.”

The Good Business Charter commits organisations to the above 10 components.

Ant Persse, CEO of Saltare, says the code helps encourage prompt payments and strengthen supply chain relationships: “The Good Business Charter sets out clear pathways to ensure businesses across the UK respect and support each other and help create a natural incubator for success. Joining them was an important step for us both to demonstrate our own support for businesses and as a way to encourage those who work within our supply chain to do the same.”

The Good Business Charter offers a straightforward accreditation which recognises organisations that prioritise and care for their employees, the environment, customers and suppliers, whilst also paying their taxes in accordance with the law.

For more information on the Good Business Charterplease visit: https://www.goodbusinesscharter.com

Early Pay is a unique payment solution that boosts your business, supports your suppliers, and transforms the entire economic landscape. Helping you to create a solid supply chain that is built on confidence and trust. Enabling you to become the customer of choice.

Our ground-breaking digital solution Early Pay, is a quick, and easy way to offer and facilitate early payments. You can provide peace of mind to your suppliers by delivering certainty of payments through automated communications, whilst giving them the option to get paid sooner – and in just 3 clicks.

Watch our short video to find out more.

What’s in it for you?

-A strong supply chain with improved business relationships

-Delivery of tangible social impact throughout your supply chain

-Financial benefits achieved through potential early payment
discounts. Plus operational efficiencies as a result of reduced
inbound invoice queries

-Access to new and valuable supply chain data and insights.

What’s in it for your Suppliers?

-Reduced anxiety as a result of certainty of payments

-Improved cashflow from early payment potential

-Reduced need to secure alternative funding to support
their business

-No more need to chase payments, freeing them up to
focus on customers, like you

Early Pay by Saltare

We improve the flow of cash to the entire supply chain in a way that works for everyone.

How does it work?

Its really smart and really simple…..

Once you’ve approved an invoice, Early Pay will notify your supplier. You can offer to pay early (and choose whether to apply a discount or not). Your supplier can accept the offer if they wish to, in just 3 clicks. There’s no obligation either way, but your suppliers will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly when they’ll be paid

We are happy to announce that we have partnered up with the Smart Manufacturing Alliance.

The Smart Manufacturing Alliance (SMA) is creating a world-class manufacturing cluster across Cambridgeshire & Peterborough. They are dedicated to helping manufacturers reach their full potential, harnessing the power of new technologies, and increasing opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

The SMA recently announced news of the partnership on their website:

The Smart Manufacturing Alliance will be helping manufacturers across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough take greater control of their cashflow through a new corporate partnership with payments specialist, Saltare. The partnership will also open up connections with the Office for the Small Business Commissioner thanks to Saltare’s close ties with the government’s fair payments body.

It is estimated that 82% of businesses fail not because of lack of profit, but through lack of cash. Yet, studies suggest UK SMEs are currently waiting on almost £200bn tied up in unpaid invoices.

Cashflow challenges could be hindering significant growth and investment in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough manufacturing. The Smart Manufacturing Alliance hopes that Saltare’s payment platforms will help businesses free up resources and invest more into innovation, job creation, and growth.

Saltare’s innovative digital products incentivise early payments and let both suppliers and customers know when invoices will be paid. This gives SMEs more certainty over their cashflow and strengthens relationships across the supply chain. All of this can be a lifeline to levelling up and supercharging growth.

Early Pay is one of Saltare’s latest tech-driven solutions that will improve the flow of cash to the entire supply chain. Early Pay gives buyers cash incentives to pay early and can integrate into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Once the buyer approves an invoice, Early Pay will notify the supplier and let them know when the invoice will be paid.

Saltare’s close ties to the Office of the Small Business Commissioner means Smart Manufacturing Alliance members can access additional content and advice around late payments. In time for the partnership launching, Alliance members can put their questions about fair payments to former Small Business Commissioner, Phillip King, via Saltare in an exclusive interview later this month.

Bob Hart, Programme Director at the Smart Manufacturing Alliance, said, “Giving our members quick and simple payment systems like Early Pay not only safeguards their cashflow, but could help them divert more resources into innovative projects, new tech and equipment, and create more opportunities for staff to develop their skillsets.

“We’re delighted to bring Saltare on board as a corporate partner for the Smart Manufacturing Alliance. There will be lots of advice to help our members secure payments on time, and keep their businesses running smoothly. The knock on effect along the supply chain will be a real boost for our local economy.”

Ant Persse, CEO of Saltare said, “We’re really pleased to be working with the Smart Manufacturing Alliance to support the sector. It’s our mission to change the mind-set of businesses once and for all, embracing a positive approach to payments to build stronger economies.

“Our tools bring the certainty of payment and cashflow to both ends of the supply chain. We’re excited to work even closer with manufacturers across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, supporting their business growth, and building a more resilient sector.”

To find out more about the benefits for members of the Smart Manufacturing Alliance, visit: www.sma-uk.co.uk/experts/saltare/

This article first appeared in LocalGov.

In the article, Anthony Persse FCICM discusses how ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) has become a major talking point on the agendas of private and public organisations, including local authorities. But what is ESG, and more importantly, how can local authorities, with the 100s of suppliers they interact with every day, use their procurement processes to deliver meaningful societal change?

ESG measures the sustainability of an organisation which, for local authorities, means its local community’s environmental, social and economic sustainability. Local authorities are working hard to reduce the impact of climate change and helping us all adopt greener and healthier living habits. They add social value through the services they provide, such as health and social care, and building local economies that support local residents. They also have a social responsibility to the local business community. They have a responsibility to cultivate good relationships with and between a diverse and inclusive range of local businesses, both large and small. Helping enterprises to succeed will in turn provide employment in the community over the longer term. And the local authorities’ governance ensures there are transparent processes and controls in place to deliver and demonstrate sound decision-making and value for money.

To provide the enormous range of products and services for which they are responsible, everything from highway maintenance to social care, local authorities employ a roster of suppliers. Last year they spent £64bn with third parties, £23.6bn (almost 40%) of which was spent with small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs are an essential part of our national and local economies and key to a thriving local community. They provide 60% of private-sector employment. Those employees stimulate a region’s economy and support the local authority by spending locally and reducing pollution and environmental impact by walking, cycling, or enjoying a shorter commute to work. SMEs are also highly committed to their local communities, using local suppliers, and supporting local charities. Despite all this, four-fifths of SMEs fail in the first year, and two-thirds in ten years.

SMEs are often sub-contracted by larger companies, many of whom are signatories to the Prompt Payment Code. Yet SMEs still wait on average 37 days, usually 60 days, and in some cases up to 120 days for payment, driving many into insolvency. Having survived the pandemic, they now face rising inflation and labour costs, coupled with the supply chain restrictions, which means they need more working capital to survive. It’s no surprise that the mental health of small business owners is now a concern.

So how can a local authority support its local small business community and deliver the ‘Social’ element of its ESG commitment? Perhaps the biggest impact anyone in the public sector can have in supporting local businesses is to pay those businesses on time. They can prevent businesses from failing and eliminate the stress of late payments by paying promptly or even early, creating a more vibrant local economy which is more sustainable and resilient. The CBI says instant payments could release £60bn in revenues for small businesses and stimulate 460,000 new jobs.

There are five steps a local authority can take to support its ESG agenda:

• Where possible actively choose to work with local suppliers that bring social value to their community by directly boosting local economies. Local SMEs often provide ESG value through their close community connections whilst also deliver both an equal quality of service and product.

• Explore new payment technologies to monitor payments. Digital systems provide oversight and governance for the authority and encourage larger sub-contractors of SMEs to pay on-time or early.

• Pay suppliers in 10 days or less and as part of the tendering process encourage large suppliers to do the same. Digital payment platforms are available that enable small suppliers to accept discounts for early payment. They also help SMEs focus on growing their business and their workforce rather than chasing late payments.

• Create supply chains which improve relationships between larger businesses and SMEs. Use digital payment technology platforms that enhance communications, help increase cash flow, and reduce the fear of losing future work by chasing payment too hard. Building sustainable long-term relationships will reduce business owners’ stress, improving their’s and ultimately their employee’s welfare.

• During the procurement process, encourage both large and smaller organisations to demonstrate a long-term commitment to the sustainability of the region. Smaller companies are more innovative and adapt more quickly to changes in sustainability targets. They can improve production and process efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint faster than larger firms. Large and small companies working together are likely to achieve far more social value than working alone.

If local authorities take these five steps, there are advantages for everyone: they will protect the health and welfare of local business owners and their employees; larger companies will be able to demonstrate greater social value through cooperation; and local authorities will be able to show they are delivering their ESG commitments for the environment, social good and governance.

Watch our short explainer video on how Early Pay works and how it can benefit your business.

Looking after your valuable supply chain is critical to everyone’s success. We can help you create a solid supply chain that is built on confidence and trust and enables you to become the customer of choice.

Early Pay is a quick and easy way to offer and facilitate early payments. You can provide peace of mind to your suppliers by delivering certainty of payments, whilst giving them the option to get paid sooner and in just three clicks!

Transform the way you pay and get in touch to arrange a demo today. And see just how early pay will deliver benefit to your business and your supply chain.

UK based Saltare, the Early Payment FinTech, has appointed its second commercial manager to grow customer base with a primary focus on enrolling larger corporations with extensive and diverse supply chains.

Chris Wilson, a former small business owner and leadership coach, joins Saltare after owning and running several businesses over the course of his career. Chris will bring valuable first-hand experience of managing business cashflow to the Saltare team, ensuring that customers feel supported by a team they can relate to.

This includes a comprehensive understanding of the challenges SMEs face when dealing with larger customers, ensuring Saltare’s tools can help larger corporations understand the benefits paying early can bring to their supply chains.

“Running a business is hard,” he explains. “It’s a 24/7 job and when you’re anxious about when money will arrive in your account it affects everything, from your sleep to the how effectively you can manage your business strategy. Saltare’s mission to bring cash flow certainty will have a significant effect on how larger businesses work with smaller suppliers.

“One of my first objectives will be working with some of the UK’s biggest companies and helping them understand why early payments can improve relationships within wider supply chains.”

Having worked in a range of industries including sales and lead generation, Chris previously specialised in helping businesses of all sizes engage with their customer base and wide supply chains helping them procure, support, and develop leads.

Ant Persse, CEO of Saltare said Chris’ expertise will support its mission to help businesses better engage with their supply chains: “Chris has incredible knowledge as to what it takes to run a small business and more importantly how big business can interact with smaller businesses to encourage stronger partnerships.”

“We’re delighted to have Chris join our team and help us introduce Saltare to a wider network of businesses to help boost supply chain relations and encourage early payments.”

Sharing Options:

A new digital based solution, Early Pay, designed to incentivise larger organisations and local authorities to pay their suppliers before an invoice is due and encourage stronger supply chain relations has been launched by UK Fintech, Saltare.

The new Early Pay solution works through a series of mutually beneficial discounts and offers. Once an invoice has been generated and shared with a buyer, the supplier is notified once it’s approved along with the exact date payment will be made. This increases certainty of prompt payment and reduces anxiety surrounding cashflow issues.

Additionally, at the point of approval, the buyer has the option to offer an early payment in exchange for a small discount. Suppliers in turn are given the flexibility as to whether or not to accept the offer in just three simple clicks.

The buyer benefits by strengthening its relationship with suppliers. The supplier benefits from the certainty of payment and more security in its cashflow, and a closer relationship with its buyer.

Thanks to its mobile native design, Early Pay can be accessed and managed across multiple devices and platforms and offers automated notifications and one click approvals through desktop, mobile and email.

The solution not only supports the practical nature of payments but also encourages a shift in attitude in payment culture. Previously, ‘late’ payers have been penalised with poor payment performance impacting their credit risk; Early Pay turns this thinking on its head by rewarding buyers who pay early and support their supply chain.

Additionally, Early Pay will integrate with suppliers of all sizes ensuring buyers aren’t limited to large-scale suppliers, ensuring a level playing field for thes UK’s burgeoning SME sector and wider supply chain.

Along with ease of use, Early Pay offers the supplier access to business-critical insights including payment trends and invoice logs, whilst for the buyer it offers supply data through a dedicated platform with the ability to generate quick and easy reports when needed.

Early Pay will also offer business the opportunity to boost ESG policies and adhere to the prompt payment code as part of the Governments initiatives to increase social value within the supply chain.

Saltare’s Chief Executive Anthony Persse said Early Pay will provide a valuable solution to both supplier and buyer at a critical time: “The UK SME sector is expanding at a rapid rate meaning the problem of late payments and cash tied up in invoices is only set to get bigger. Early Pay has been designed solely for the purpose of improving the rate at which payments are made, making SMEs feel more confident in their cashflow.

“It comes at a crucial juncture for UK businesses. With an estimated £200 billion tied up in unpaid invoices owed to SMEs and over 900,000 hours spent chasing payments, the solution aims to quell the fears of the 88% of SMEs who admit to on-going anxiety surrounding payments.”

Early Pay will integrate with any ERP or financial management system, reducing the strain on internal technical teams thanks to its ‘plug and play’ design.

Early Pay by Saltare is available globally for a wide range of public and private businesses.